Bungonia, NSW

Bungonia is located alongside of Bungonia National Park – previously known as the Bungonia State Conservation Area until the status of the area was upgraded around 2010 from Conservation Area to National Park and is the home to the famous Bungonia Gorge – the deepest gorge in the southern hemisphere.

Access to Bungonia can be gained from the Hume Hwy via the new overpass ( opened in Jan 2013 ) which is approximately 3 kms south of the Marulan Service Stations.

Follow Jerrara Rd for 14 kms and at the ‘T’ intersection you will turn left, go over the bridge and you are now entering the Village of Bungonia which was first Surveyed in 1832.

From here, you can visit the MAP of the Historical sites of the Village.

The Village plan was drafted in September 1832 and replaced the earlier plans for a settlement at Inverary (just outside of Bungonia).

Most of the first inhabitants were convicts, ex convicts or ‘ticket of leave’ men and women who were working on the four or five big properties in the area.

Many years have passed since that time and technology has come of age whereby the world needs to know about the wonderful things that the Bungonia area offer to so many people. Some of these things stem from the tranquil life style, the old world freedom of being a relatively crime free society.

As a result of the information technology band coming of age, I have decided to design this Website for the people of the Bungonia Community to bring to the fore, our thoughts, resources and commitments in telling locals and visitors alike – the benefits of living in or around the Bungonia Community.

Having experienced the quiet tranquil lifestyle and enjoying the care free attitude & tasting the ‘can do’ attitude of most of the local people for the past several years, I have no desire to move from the District.

What a great atmosphere to bring up your children in !