Bungonia HALL booking page

Within this page, you will be able to clearly see if the Hall  is available on any given date with a function of some type.

If you wish to book the Hall for a function, simply look at the date you require on the Calendar here  to see if the Hall is free on that date, then check out the pricing list on this page and then send an email to to request the time / date you require the Hall.


Bungonia Hall Hire

The Progress Assoc. Policy is to make the Hall facilities available to locals at affordable prices.  There is no caretaker, and maintenance is the responsibility of members.  Cleaning is the responsibility of the hirers who usually sweep the Hall floors, remove rubbish and clean the kitchen after use.  If, however, we have to employ a cleaner, then the fees will be increased.

Present Fees are:


Hall & Supper room together – $300

Hall only – $200

Supper room only – $200

Govt, Govt. Entities, Business rate = $400


Wedding package $550 

Hire commences from noon the day before, full day of wedding & a.m. to noon the day after, plus refundable deposits.


Hall & Supper room = $50 p/h

Supper room = $40

Hall = $40

Regular Local Users of Hall = $15 per session


All charges include GST

Daily rate covers 8am – MN



Damaged deposit = $400

Cleaning = $150

Discount of 50% on fee’s to financial members ( of the Progress Association ) of 12 mths standing.

In the past; the Hall has been available free for wakes for locals. Due to expenses; ( insurance etc ), that policy is cancelled and above fees will apply.